Offshore Financial Services in The Bahamas
Bahamas Overview

The Bahamas is an international financial centre with the enviable status of a "tax-free" paradise for offshore investors. A former British Crown Colony, The Bahamas maintains a genuine parliamentary democracy with a well respected and seasoned legal system.

The Government of The Bahamas encourages foreign investment and discourages bureaucratic interference in the affairs of offshore investors. Accordingly, it is an ideal location for tax planning and estate planning opportunities for high networth individuals, entrepreneurs and others desiring to relocate, accumulate and grow legitimate wealth.

Some persons because of their personal circumstances might require specially designed structures to meet their needs. Others, at least initially, might merely require one or more International Business Companies managed and administered for the beneficial ownership of one or more persons with the primary objective being wealth accumulation and preservation.

Benefits Benefits of Offshore Financial Services in The Bahamas

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